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"Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific"

This service is part of a more general CDS bibliographic service .


Following an agreement with the Editors of the PASP, the CDS provides access to the abstracts from the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. These abstracts are made available a few weeks before the publication of the corresponding issue.
The service started with Volume 106, Number 695 (January 1994).

The Abstract service

Two query modes are proposed:
A search by keyword or author's name:
A browse mode, through the chronological list of PASP abstracts since January 1994.
The 19-digit bibcode (such as 1994PASP..106....1T) follows the coding system also used by the NED and SIMBAD databases.

WWW access at STScI

The PASP abstracts are also available through the WWW server at STScI:

This WorldWideWeb service is being implemented by Daniel Egret and François Ochsenbein (CDS).
Thanks to all contributors, authors: editors, publishers, and especially to Howard E. Bond, Managing Editor of PASP, and Denise Dankert, Editorial Assistant.

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